Ehall – Modern School System


Ehall is the modern school system designed to manage students’ classroom issues. This digital school K-12 is located at Fudan University.  Ehall is an online service platform where students can solve their problems online. To leave the class at Ehallpass Digital University, students apply online to approve their application.

Ehall is the latest school that follows its traditional paper, and students can get online permission to leave the school building. Ehall also increases the streamlining and privacy of the students, which can reduce paper waste. This modern K-12 school provides security and safety.

Time Table of the Ehallas K-12 School

Mon – Fri7:00AM – 8:00PM
Sat – Sun10:00AM – 8:00PM
Mon – Fri7:00AM – 11:00AM
Sat – SunClosed
Sat – Sun10:00AM – 4:30PM
Mon – Fri11:00AM – 4:30PM
Mon – Sun4:30PM – 8:00PM

Similar Surnames of the Ehall

Hall, Chall, Shall, Wall, Thall, Hale, Hill, Gall, Mehall, Whall 

Features of Ehall

How Teachers can Utilise

In Ehalls digital stem, when students leave for a class, library or any other problem, they can only leave. It depends upon whether the teacher confesses their application or denies it online. Teachers rely on the online system to approve the student’s application. Teachers approve online requests to leave the school building in this digital system.

Mobile App 

Students can use mobile phones in the Ehallas digital K-12 school to approve their application. Because Ehallas is a modern technique in which students need electric devices to get leave. Otherwise, students are not allowed to let the teacher approve their requests. Students can easily send their requests to the teacher from the mobile app for their obligations.

Health and Security

Both teachers and students can get full access to the security in the Ehallas system because this is the latest digital system that arranges exceptional online security management. If students face any problem, they can solve their issue by clicking online to security management.

 Inside, students and teachers keep their health because a professional gym and yoga system are available in this digital system. Ehallas K-12 has experienced time for exercise. This global system has professional regular exercise practice to fresh their mind and interest in studies. 

How Students can use it Effectively 

In Ehallas digital system students can online gather planning for studies with others. Students can also share their points and notes online with others. If you have any syllabus issues, you can discuss them online with class fellows or teachers. Moreover, students can submit their applications and homework to the online system, which reduces their time.

Students Privacy 

Students can keep their privacy in this latest global K-12 school and protect their secrets. The student does not need to discuss his family issues with others. Otherwise, the student cannot reveal their privacy and can discuss professional matters with his trusted fellows.

How can you Log Out of your Account? 

Students do need to open their electrical device settings and click on the login, which will be shown on their device screen. Open your wifi and connect with the Ehallas wifi to connect with the whole Ehallas community. Students must log in to their accounts because Ehallas is a digital-based school system.

What are the Key Benefits of the Ehallas?

Ehallas has many useful advanced features for students’ and teachers’ benefit. The most potent benefit is its online system because students do not need to go to the office to submit their applications. Teachers can also approve their applications online. Students can keep their privacy, and the department provides security to save the student’s and teachers’ lives. 


Ehallas is the global digital department for education and provides all favourable opportunities to students and teachers. If you are not attending the class, then you can attend the class online at your home. 

Students can also share their study views and notes with friends in Ehallas K-12 school. Therefore, if you want to study at Ehallas Modern School, then without delay, you can apply online to get admission to the Ehallas department. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we get admission to Ehallas Modern School?

Yes, you can quickly get admission to this modern department.

How can you log in to your account?

Students can log in to their account just by clicking on the sign of the login and connecting with the Ehallas platform.

How can we get the leave in this latest school?

Students can get leave to leave the class or school building and need to send an online application with his teachers.

Can students get privacy in the Ehallas school system?

Yes, students can protect their privacy in Ehallas school and are not forced to reveal their secrets. You should not need to discuss their family matters.